Monday, December 22, 2014

Best Of 2014 ♡ EYE SHADOWS

Some of these eye shadows mentioned in this post I have only purchased them recently, and I feel that they deserve a mention in my Best of 2014 series because their qualities are amazing! I don't wear eye shadows on a daily basis and/or weekly basis, it's only when I decided to practice my makeup skill or when I create MOTD for Instagram and other social medias, these are probably the only time I take out my eye shadows palettes for a show-off.

Below are a few products that I have been loving and they definitely deserves a shout-out. Even thou I don't wear eye shadows that often, I do own quite a few individual eye shadows and eye shadows palettes including NARS and the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette (just got that recently). It wasn't hard to choose my eye shadows favourites in a situation where I can choose more than one, but I think it would be so difficult if I had to choose just one!

Anyway, curious to know which eye shadow palettes and/or individuals I have been loving this year?...

Limit and Nooner are the only shades I use from this palette, not that the other shades aren't good, cause they are! The whole palette is beautiful inside out and the pigmentation and the quality is amazing!

I have previously tried the Urban Decay Naked Palette and I didn't enjoy it as much as everyone else did, and when Urban Decay announced the release of the Naked3 palette, I was super excited! This palette comes with a range of colors from shimmery pinky shades to deep dark black with red micro-glitter. The texture of the eye shadows are soft and velvety, they blend easy and nicely; and the staying power amazeball!

The only negative thing I have to say about this palette is the packaging, I love the rose-gold color and the wavy texture, but the case is not sturdy enough. When I first received this palette, one of the eye shadow pan has already fell out, so if you aren't careful enough and you drop the palette, the eye shadow pans would easily come off, you'd be lucky if the eye shadows don't shatter all over.

I've only had this palette for two months and each time I use this palette, it just left me with a great impression! This is my first time trying out a Smashbox product and I love that their product quality is amazing! The eye shadows are very pigmented, even the four shimmery ones; the texture is velvety which makes application easy! Each eye shadow applies smoothly without being powdery.

As much as I adore these eye shadows, I am not a fan of the packaging! I get that it's a travel size, so it's suppose to be as thin and small as possible; but the palette falls apart when I accidentally dropped it, I wasn't expecting that cause I dropped it on the carpet! The case is very VERY thin, small and handy, it's as big as my palm and it just feels very cheap.

This is a Limited Edition eye shadow quad from the RiRi Hearts MAC collection, I have been wanting to write a full review on this, but every single time better things has came up so till now I still haven't done any reviews or first impression on this eye shadow quad.

I chose this as one of my 2014 favourites because it's one of those products that I could go months without using it, then one day I decided to create a look with this eye shadow quad and I just fell in love all over again! The eye shadows doesn't have individual names, but the quad itself is called "Her Cocoa". These four eye shadows comes in different finish, each texture feels different and overall they are all great qualities!

My favourite shade from this palette is definitely "Her Cocoa #1", it is described as a "bright bronzed gold with a Lustre finish".

Le Metier de Beaute 'True Color' Eye Shadow is described as a "weightless, true-to-color pigmented eye shadow that is adjustable in coverage and transparency". There are 31 shades available from the LMDB True Color Eye Shadow line with different formulas ranging from matte, satin and shimmers.

People always says first impression is important and it is VERY important! I came across some little problems when I did my first Le Metier De Beaute order through BeautyBay and it wasn't even LMDB's fault, but the company did all they could to turn a customer's frown upside down and that is very impressive. Not that I am a difficult person to sort out! Haha!

LMDB's customer service is top notch, so are their products! Totally good quality highly pigmented eye shadows! I have the shade Peachy Keen, it is described as a pale peach with a matte finish. I use Peachy Keen as an eye shadow base, the texture is creamy and soft, it's matte but it's not chalky.

So... Tell me, what eye shadow palettes have you been loving this year?

Sunday, December 21, 2014


Foundation and Concealer has been one of my most loved categories of the year, I am actually quite surprised at the way I have been buying foundation and concealers lately. It's like, I am buying them as if I am collecting another lipstick.

I do realize I am starting to have that foundation collecting problem lol *blame it on the Makeup Obsessives group*. I tend to buy too many foundations, different brands, different formula, different shades all at once; and I often end up wasting a lot of these products cause there's just too many for me to empty out. But at the same time, I am surprised at the usage of some of the products mentioned below, I could never imagine myself ever going half way through a foundation or empty a small tube of concealer!

Anyway, if you're a foundation and concealer junkie like... me ;) *scroll down* to see what I have been loving!

I have been forever looking for my holy grail foundation! I wanted something that covers imperfection, one that is long-lasting and it isn't shinny; you know, the perfect foundation for oily skin. I remember going through all the MAC foundations as I was new to the whole MAC foundation family, I have heard amazing things about their Pro Longwear range, so I decided to give it a try.

Since then, I have made the best decision in my life!

MAC claims the Pro Longwear Foundation "gives up to 15 hours of wear in any environmental condition", "it's lightweight, it's creamy, applies and blend easily" and it gives a "smoother, flawless and natural finish".

In my own experience with the MAC Pro Longwear Foundation, I love that it applies smoothly and it gives me that flawless look; the texture is creamy and blends easily. The longest I have worn this is 8 hours and sometimes the foundation last through the whole day until I removed my makeup, sometimes it fades around my nose area and the parts where I wear my glasses, the foundation pretty just slides off. It isn't LONG-WEARING in any environmental condition, I find that when the air cond is on in the office, my makeup would last all day! But when it's not on, my makeup would slides off a bit.

Overall the MAC Pro Longwear Foundation is still my number one favourite! It is so far the ONLY foundation I have tried that doesn't slides off easily, my absolute favourite thing about this is that it doesn't make me break out, it doesn't make me look shiny after a few hours, it covers acne, imperfection and the texture is creamy, lightweight and easy to apply.

Kat Von D Makeup is exclusive to Sephora, so you know how hard it was for me to try and get that! I have been eyeing up on the KVD Lock-It Tattoo Foundation for the longest time, while saving for my big Sephora purchase, I came across all positive feedback on this foundation, a lot of bloggers claims it is very long lasting and it has amazing coverage; that got me even more excited!

Sephora claims the Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation can "provide 24-hour wear with transfer resistance", it has "natural polymers that absorb oil for a matte, soft finish", also "provide a velvety texture for perfectly smooth hydrated skin".

I have had both great and bad experience with this foundation, the reason it has made a name for itself in the Best of 2014 list is because of it's high pigmentation! Sephora claims this foundation can cover tattoos, I haven't tried that yet as I don't own any tattoos, but it does covers ALL OF MY IMPERFECTIONS, like how amazing is that?! Its matte finish doesn't turn my face dry and flaky, the velvety finish is soft and it's just flawless! The bad experience I had with this foundation is that it doesn't last 24 hours for me, I find that it slides off quite easily in just 4 hours wear. >.<

Anyone else had that problem? I often wondered if I am applying it wrong?! A lot of people says the foundation sets SO FAST but I haven't come across that problem... yet.

Candy Doll has described this BB cream as a "makeup base, a foundation and a concealer all in one", "this BB cream is formulated with skin benefits to enhance it's natural glow", "it provides a natural coverage and controls oils".

I have only had this BB cream for a couple of months, so I can't write a full review on this yet. So far I am loving the weightless formula and the fact that it covers all of my imperfections, for a BB cream, it's very impressive!

Not sure if there is more than one shade for this BB cream, the one I have picked up is quite close to my natural skin color and it does give my skin that natural glow during wear. It sometimes feels oily but at the same time my face looks flawless. The Candy Doll BB Cream wore well for at least five hours for me before it fades and I have to touch up with powder.

I am curious, am I the only one who can't stand the smell of the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer? It smells like some nasty old hasn't-been-washed-in-years kitchen cloth! Other than the smell, I really do enjoy every bits of this concealer! I use this mainly under my eyes for highlights, sometimes around my nose area where I have uneven skintone and also to clean up my too-often overdrawn lipstick marks!

Another of my favourite concealer this year is the 3 Concept Eyes Full Cover Concealer, I have gone through two tubes of these and I am still loving it! The texture of this concealer is very creamy, it comes with one of those doe-foot applicator for easy and smooth application. I use this under my eyes area to brighten up my dull, puffy eyes for days I had rough sleeps the night before. I love that this is very long-lasting, it does not crease nor wear off by sweat, when wearing this concealer, it doesn't feel as if I have a lot going on on my face!

I use the Ben Nye Luxury Powder in "Banana" to set my under eye area after conceal and/or highlight application; instead of making my face look pale, the banana powder adds just a hint of color to brighten up my complexion. I love that it keeps my concealers away from creasing, it gives my face that natural glow and it doesn't fade easily or have my foundation / concealer slides off.

I have never tried Guerlain's makeup until I purchased this Meteorites Pressed Powder, and I managed to pick this up from a makeup group at such a good and reasonable price. ^^ Ever since I start using this pressed powder, I have become so obsessed with the brand.

The Guerlain Meteorites Pressed Powder is like a setting powder, it doesn't give any coverage; but it does provide a smooth and flawless finish! It made my face look and feel like doll face, it's that good! The shade Nacre Des Mers is like a perfect match to my NC25 skin tone, it gives me that perfect natural glow!

This is the first ever MAC product that I have hit pan on, and I totally impressed with myself! Haha ~ It makes me cringe when I think having to buy a new one when it finished, but at the same time hitting pan makes me really happy, it shows that I really enjoyed this product and that I am slowly changing my bad habit of wasting products.

MAC has described this as a pressed powder that is designed to "provide shine control without adding noticeable color or texture". I have read a lot of amazing reviews on this product, from people who has oily skin like I do; a lot of them loves how it keeps their makeup from running away, keeps them away from looking shiny and keep their makeup looking beautiful as if they had just applied their makeup in the morning!

My personal experience with this is amazing! Instead of using the sponge applicator it came with, I use a powder brush instead. Not sure if I am even suppose to wash the sponge applicator?! I did anyway, and on my second wash, it fell apart. The product itself is seriously... SO AMAZEBALL! I use this as a lunch time touch-up during weekdays and it literally made my makeup stayed all day! I love that it keeps oils and shine away from my face and it doesn't turn my face all cakey and dry. It sometimes does look a bit flaky on dry areas (my forehead sometimes gets dry).

Overall, you need this in your life; if you're an oily gal ;)


Have you tried any of the products mentioned in my Best of 2014 - Foundation & Concealer category? & What have you been loving this year? Share your most loved products of 2014 with me!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Best Of 2014 ♡ PRIMERS

I have tried quite a few primers this year, ranging from drug-store to high-end and most raved about to some underrated products. This was a kind of hard decision to nominate my favourite primers of the year, there were too many to choose from; but I have settled with these two, below.

I have combination to oily skin and even some of the most raved about primers couldn't keep my foundation in place, so when I tried the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer, I had my doubt! I first bought a 10ml to try because of the rave reviews on Mecca Cosmetica.

After four months of using this primer, I was very impressed! Only a little is needed for each use, a little 10ml size could last up to four month even when used almost every day. The texture is kind of liquid-y, the primer goes on smoothly and my foundation would last A LONG TIME!

I end up really enjoying this primer, I went and purchased a full size!

Hourglass is an expensive brand and if you're new to the brand, you may have wondered if it's worth it?! You don't want to be like, buy something expensive then realize it's not something you wanted right? I thought about the same thing when I first tried out Hourglass Cosmetics, but I decided to take my first step with this company and I end up really really loving it!

So from my experiences, I highly recommend Hourglass Cosmetics to those with combination and oily skin people! I find most of their products really works amazingly with oily skin!

I actually bought the Tea Tree Pore Minimisier as an emergency primer, I have just ran out of my Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer and Mecca Cosmetica was out of stock so I went to Farmers and it just caught my eyes. I hardly hear anyone talks about this product and I wasn't sure if it will work for my oily skin, I end up buying one anyway because I have been loving The Body Shop Tea Tree facial wash.

I thought since the Tea Tree facial wash is amazing, the primer must be as well? & I was right! I love that the Tea Tree Pore Minimiser made a huge different to my large pore on the nose area, when first applied it feels very refreshing like mint and the primer made my foundation applies smoothly and the duration is also another amazing one!

Please leave a comment of your favourite / most used Primers this year! I would love to know what you guys have been loving! Maybe I could try out some of your suggested products too.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Best Of 2014 ♡ BLUSHES

I am ending the wonderful 2014 with a list of my top beauty favourites of the year, this will be divided into a few categories which I will post and update within the next few days.

I actually got this idea from a thread in the Specktra forum and I thought it's a pretty cool way to end 2014 instead of posting beauty empties and/or some regular end of the month posts.

Today I am starting off with my favourite blushes of the year.

Last year I thought I don't need a lot of blushes as I am not as crazy about them as I am with lip products and plus, owning one or two in different shades can last me my entire life, so there is really no need of a huge blush collection... right?! Yeah that's what I thought, until I came across Sharlynn's blog! She loves her blushes, she owns some of the most beautiful shades and she knows how to apply them perfectly. Most days I read her blog, I am just here like... *total envy* ~

Sharlynn of The Blackmentos Beauty Box is one of my most read and favourite blog this year, her reviews are all very detailed and she's a nice and lovely girl. Check out her blog if you love blushes or just beauty in general. ^^ Sharlynn def deserves a shoutout because she is my number one commentor on my blog this year. So thank you, Sharlynn ♥ for supporting and keeping up with my blog!

Anyway, since discovering Sharlynn's blog, I have been collecting more blushes than I would usually do. This year I have three blushes that I have been obsessing over, scroll down to see which ones they are...

Hourglass Luminous Flush Ambient Lighting Blush is described as a "champagne rose", the blush color looks different depends on lighting, it could look coral, and it could turn into a true pink. That's not the main reason why I love this blush thou; haha ~

Ever since I purchased this brush from Mecca Cosmetica, I have been SO obsessed! All it takes is a little dab in the blush with a blush brush, apply to the apple of your cheeks and it could last all day! The packaging is also really gorgeous, I love the golden reflected mirror look, but I am no fan of the many finger prints it left. The texture looks a little powdery from the blush pan, but it isn't chalky when applied; the blush feels very silky and soft, it applies and blends easily.

I regret to say I have been neglecting MAC lately, I mean, there's just too many new products and new brands to try; I just can't keep up hahah, anyone else with me?

MAC Bad Girl Gone Good Blush is described as a "warm cropper" with a Satin finish. I love that the color isn't dramatic, it doesn't give me that over-the-top un-natural flush. It is a dusty orange-y brown and the color payoff is great! The texture is soft, it blends well without being powdery, the color shows up on my skin as a dark orange-y shade and the blush could last up to hours and hours!

I wish I have purchased this blush sooner so I could write a full review of it and tell you guys how amazing the Candy Doll duo blush applies! I spot this blush in Ippondo a few months ago and my first thought was, how gorgeous is this blush?! Everything from the packaging to the product itself all looks very simple but it's really kawaii at the same time!

There are two colors in the Candy Doll Duo Blush, you can choose to wear the blush alone and add the highlighter or both colors can be swirled together to make a pretty light pink color. I have always swirl both the blush and the highlighter together and it turns into a pretty light pink shade with subtle shimmer.

I am always heavy handed when it comes to applying blushes and the reason why I adore the Candy Doll Duo Blush is because even thou I tend to be heavy handed and apply too much at times, the blush still comes out as a subtle pink and it gives me that natural flush on the cheek. The blush also last long hours!


Leave a comment below and tell me about your Best of 2014 Blushes! I would love to know what everyone has been loving this year.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

MEMEBOX Superbox #69 Banila Co. ♥ Unboxing + Initial Thoughts

Memebox Superbox #69 Banila Co.

High quality, high performance, beauty essentials. Approved and endorsed by Korea's top idol group member, Girls Generation's Jessica, Banila Co. is certainly one of Korea's top-selling, most-loved cosmetics brands! Everything from skincare to makeup, Banila Co. is infamous for its high quality, high effectiveness, and pinchably cute packaging.

This is my LAST Memebox of the year, I am also banning myself from purchasing more next year. I feel like, I have been stocking up way too many Memebox this year that some of my all time favourite beauty items is left un-appreciated. For example: MAC! Obviously it's going to be a challenge once Memebox released some new boxes hahah, but I am going to try and stay away... Let's see if I can make it happen? ;)

image Banila Co. Claypatra Facial Scrub 120ml
Full size product: 120ml ($15)

Product Description: Containing 100% natural mud extracted from the mineral-rich Deed Sea, the Claypatra Facial Scrub is the perfect peeling scrub for exfoliating away dry patches, dead skin cells, and skin impurities. It will leave skin smooth, translucent, and firm.

How to Use: Spread the facial scrub evenly over clean, dry face and massage onto skin in a circular motin. Rinse off with lukewarm water. It's recommended to be used 1 ~ 2 times a week.

Initial Thoughts: Sometimes I wondered what the beauty world is going to be like in 10 years time... If people can come up with ideas of peeling scrub for your face, they can formulate anything! The whole thought of a facial peeling scrub is just weird to me. Last night I tried the Banila Co. Claypatra Facial Scrub and it was just awkward! The texture is very liquid-y, a big amount of product comes out with just one tiny squeeze of the tube, I end up wasting a lot of product; oh and, it smells like shampoo! During the wash, my skin was just... peeling... I guess that's the purpose of the product, to peel and scrub off your dead skin etc, but it's just gross >.< eek is it just me?

image Banila Co. Prime Primer Classic 30ml
Full size product: 30ml ($22)

Product Description: A lightweight, smoothly applying pore-refiner that enhances the skin's uneven texture and primes the skin for makeup application. The Prime Primer Classic leaves skin silky soft and creates a protective layer over skin, allowing BB cream or foundation to glides on easily and last longer.

How to Use: Apply at the end of skincare routine and as a starter to makeup application to prepare the skin texture for better makeup adherence.

Initial Thoughts: I have heard amazing things about this primer and I have always wanted to try it, so I am super excited and can't wait ~ At the moment I am trying to finish up all the primers I have already opened, to avoid wasting products.

image Banila Co. Clean It Zero 100ml + Free Sample Size 7ml
Full size product: 100ml ($22)

Product Description: This makeup remover goes on as a sherbet-like balm and transforms into a silky oil that effortlessly dissolves makeup and sunscreen. Its non-greasy, gentle formula made from papaya, acerola, and herbal extracts cleanse without dehydrating the skin.

How to Use: Take out the formula with the spatula and gently massage into skin. Rise off with water or wipe away with tissue.

Initial Thoughts: Things just gets weirder with a cleansing balm that you can take your makeup off with without rising off! I have used up the sample size and I actually really like it, it does the job well, removes makeup and all the dirt on my face, it even removes waterproof makeup. The texture is like a hard balmy type, then once it warms up, it's like melting butter on my face. It goes very greasy and oily once it's warmed up, I have tried to remove the cleansing balm with a makeup pad or tissue, but it feels thick and greasy. So I had always rinse it off after then wash my face again with facial wash. The Banila Co. Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm is quite gentle on the eye, it doesn't stint but it did blur my eye version for a few minutes when I accidentally covered my eyes with it.

image Banila Co. Eye Love Gel Liner Natural Black 4g
Full size product: 4g ($11)

Product Description: Create dramatic to everyday eye makeup with this smoothly applying, waterproof, non-smudging, and long-lasting classic gel liner from Banila Co.

How to Use: Take a small amount of the formula on the tip of the brush and draw in the lines along your lashes.

Initial Thoughts: I have been using the 3 Concept Eyes gel liner prior to trying out the Banila Co. Eye Love Gel Liner, and I thought, I may never find another gel liner that will replace 3CE! Since I have tried the Banila Co. one, I just completely fell in love! The texture is very soft and smooth, it applies without smudging and my favourite part is being able to do my eyeliner wings perfectly with the gel liner, I often struggle to apply just a thin line and getting both my eye liners perfectly, this gel liner is very impressive!

Banila Co. Vanila Tint Balm Pink Illusion
image Banila Co. Vanila Tint Balm Pink Illusion 5g
Full size product: 5g ($9)

Product Description: A moisturizing tint balm enriched with vegetable essential oil and Vitamin E complex and works to soften and replenish dry, chapped lips with a lovely pink stein.

How to Use: Apply directly to lips as often as necessary. It's recommended to apply a lip gloss subsequently for adding more volume and gloss.

Initial Thoughts: I don't understand why this is named "Tint Balm Pink Illusion"? It's pretty much just a clear lip balm and it's not the balmy squishy or gel type either, it's like those hard balm type that leaves your finger prints to you swipe your fingers across. 

Banila Co. Glam Muse Luster Lipstick
image Banila Co. Glam Muse Luster Lipstick 3.5g
Full size product: 3.5g ($14) / Randomly selected from LRD331, LPK569

Product Description: This blend of argan oil and coconut seed butter delivers instant glow and volume to lips while the glam colors melt onto lips for a glossy, radiant pigmentation.

How to Use: Apply directly to lips, first filling in the inner lip contour and then lining the outer contour.

Initial Thoughts: I was expecting this lipstick to be like super pigmented with a bright hot pink shade, it turns out it's just a sheer pink which you can build up the color. This is choosen between the pink and the red and I was lucky enough to get the pink one, ^^ cause, let's me be honest, I am sick of all the red Memebox has thrown in my boxes lol! The Banila Co. Glam Muse Luster Lipstick is very moisturizing, it does bleeds after awhile and transfer to cups and food while eat and drink; the color is gorgeous thou!

Banila Co. Glam Muse Luster Lipstick Lip Swatch
Banila Co. Glam Muse Luster Lipstick Selfie

Memebox's Banila Co. theme box is one of those that I have been adding to my cart and then deleting off my cart kind of boxes, I have never tried Banila Co. products prior to receiving this box and I have always wanted to since it's one of those brands that are not much raved about, but at the same time it's loved by many. Every single time I have added to my cart, then deleting it and came back to find it all sold out, I was super disappointed man! So when Memebox announced the return of the Banila Co. box, I thought, it's now or never!

I went ahead and grab the Superbox #69 Banila Co. box and I am just super glad I did grab this before it's all gone again! Banila Co. products are truly amazing, very good quality and looking at the prices on the introduction card, they are actually very affordable! Banila Co. does have that few weird products like peeling facial scrub and/or a greasy oily facial cleansing balm that suggest no rinsing after use, just wipe and it goes away... haha! I guess I am just not used to these stuff yet...

Overall Banila Co. products are amazing and this is like a really good try out box for all Banila Co. newbies. Memebox Superbox #69 Banila Co. cost $32.00 and I am sorry, by the time I have put up this unboxing, the Banila Co. box is all sold out again!

Anyway, have you tried any Banila Co. products?