Saturday, May 9, 2015

My First ColourPop Cosmetics Experiences ♥ ft. In Bloom Collection, Lumiere, Frida & Wisp Swatches

I have recently started a new position at work and this new position is a lot more serious than what I used to do, having to learn new things, I knew that my job would affect my blog; I had planned to quit my blog completely as I knew I wouldn't be able to post as much as I used to, but some of my blog readers weren't too happy about the idea, so I have decided to keep my blog, treat it like a hobby and post when I can. 

Deep down I love my blog, I feel like I have come a long way and I am really proud of it; I read it as much as you guys do and I am not willing to quit this blog, not now, not in the future.

Anyway, today I am very excited to share with you my first ColourPop experience and I also want to share with you swatches of the items I purchased.

Most of the time I assume everyone already know about the brand etc, because I am always the last one to follow the new trends, I always feel like by the time I pick up this new thing, it is already old news to every other beauty lover. So I don't tend to talk too much about the brand, but since this is my first time experiencing with ColourPop Cosmetics, I might as well introduce it a little, just incase anyone is wondering?! Heheh ~

ColourPop Cosmetics is a colourful and affordable beauty brand made in Los Angeles, the brand features a wide range of lippie stix with matching lip liners, eyeshadow and pretty pigments; and they have recently came out with a collection of blushes and bronzers. ColourPop also does awesome collabs with well known YouTubers and bloggers like: shaaanxo and Coffee Break With Dani (both are my favourites). I love that their pricing are as affordable as five dollars per lippie stix and their qualities are top notch! 
This is my first time experiencing with ColourPop Cosmetics and it is my first time buying directly from them. I was very impressed with the way my package arrives in, non of the products comes damaged or missing, all the products came packed very well with layers and layers of foam pads. From the day I placed my order online, it took about five days for my package to be ship out and once they have shipped my order, I get an email with the tracking number. I was quite surprised when my order arrived within four days! I was a bit shocked actually! Shocked in a good way of course!
One thing that gets me very excited about ColourPop Cosmetics is their prices. Lippie Stix, Lip Pencils, Eyeshadows and Pigments are only $5 each (all prices are in American dollars), and Bronzers and Blushes are only $8 each. ColourPop also puts together sets of products that range from $20 ~ $39 each, but when you do the calculation, the pricing is exactly the same as when buying each of the products on its own, they don't overcharge you with sets, nor do they give a discount.
Shipping prices are calculated by weight, and as usual the Americans often get free shipping if purchase more than a certain amount; lucky Americans! The shipping price for my order was $20.63 USD, it is too expensive in my opinion, but they do arrive within four days, so I can't really complaint, right?!
Yes, I admit, I did questioned its quality before I place my order ~ I am not saying that all cheap products has bad qualities, but I did have a few experiences with dollars price tag and a shit product quality, I guess I am just a bit cautious, since this is my first time experiencing with ColourPop. Of course ColourPop did not disappoint! Their qualities are top notch! I have only tried their Blushes, Lippie Stix, Highlighter and Lip Pencils (just all the products I will be showing you below) and each of these products are very pigmented, they are long wearing and I guess you will have to scroll down to see the swatches yourself, to understand why I think these are some amazeball stuff!

ColourPop In Bloom Collection
ColourPop In Bloom Collection
ColourPop In Bloom Collection

I struggled a little when choosing a few products to try, seeing as everything on the ColourPop website is so affordable and all the products are so colourful and pretty, I had the urge to add everything into my shopping cart. I end up choosing the In Bloom set from the collection section, the set contains three blushes and three lippie stix, just the right amount of products for a ColourPop newbie to try and experience with.

ColourPop In Bloom (USD $39.00) is a collection created by celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg, the set includes three blushes in Tongue Tied (a bright warm coral with a matte finish), Double Dip (a soft peach with subtle highlights and a satin pearl finish) and Hysterical (a cool toned plum pink with a matte finish); also included in the set is three lippie stix in Sweet-Thing (a cool toned medium true pink with a cream finish), Freshman (a deep hot pink with a cream finish) and Frenemie (an electric warm toned coral with a cream finish).

ColourPop In Bloom Collection
ColourPop In Bloom Collection Arm Swatch
ColourPop Blush in Tongue Tied
ColourPop Blush in Double Dip
ColourPop Blush in Hysterical
ColourPop Blushes in Tongue Tied, Double Dip and Hysterical
ColourPop Lippie Stix in Sweet-Thing, Frenemie and Freshman
ColourPop Lippie Stix in Sweet-Thing
ColourPop Lippie Stix in Freshman
ColourPop Lippie Stix in Frenemie
ColourPop Highlighter in Wisp
ColourPop Highlighter in Wisp
ColourPop Highlighter in Wisp
ColourPop Highlighter in Wisp

ColourPop Highlighter in Wisp is described as a golden champagne with highly reflective hues of gold duo chrome finishes. ColourPop has recently released a range of highlighter with fifteen shades to choose from and they are priced at USD $8 each. I received mine as a free gift when spent over $40, not gonna lie, the free highlighter promotion was the main reason I finally decide to order from ColourPop Cosmetics.
ColourPop Highlighter in Wisp
ColourPop Lippie Stix in Lumiere and Frida; ColourPop Lippie Pencil in Frida
ColourPop Lippie Stix and Lippie Pencil in Frida

ColourPop Lippie Stix (USD $5.00) in Frida is created by one of my favourite YouTuber, Coffee Break With Dani ~ the colour is described as a warm mid tone nude pink with a satin finish; the matching Lippie Pencil (USD $5.00) in Frida has a same colour description as the lippie stix, but I feel like it is a little bit darker than the lippie stix. As you see from the lip swatch below, it looks so much better when worn the lippie stix with the lippie pencil, the whole look just seems so much neater compare to my lip swatches from the In Bloom collection above.
ColourPop Lippie Stix and Lippie Pencil in Frida Lip Swatch
ColourPop Lippie Stix in Lumiere and Frida
ColourPop Lippie Stix in Lumiere

ColourPop Lippie Stix (USD $5.00) in Lumiere is created by YouTuber Katheen Lights, it is described as a dusty mauve pink with a matte finish. The matte formula glides on smoothly, it did not drag during application, but it does feels quite drying when worn. The lip colour is a bit darker than I have expected, but it is still a beautiful dusty mauve.
ColourPop Lippie Stix in Lumiere

All the ColourPop Lippie Stix applies smoothly, especially the cream finishes, I feel like they just melt into my lips without getting messy. I love that the Lippie Stix has a candy / cookie and cream scent, a bit too over the top when first applied, but it does fade away within seconds. Each of the Lippie Stix and Lippie Pencil is very very pigmented! Same goes to the blushes and the highlighter, the quality is obviously too good for its price!

After my first experience with ColourPop Cosmetics, I am just totally in love with the brand and I can see plenty of future orders coming my way, hehe! Not only are their products and prices so amazing, they also have an excellent customer service that deserve a shout out!

Have you tried ColourPop Cosmetics? Share with me a few of your favourite products from the brand!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

March & April Beauty Empties ☆ ft. MAC, Guerlain, LUSH, BBW + More ~

"Time flies when you're having fun", I must say it is so damn true! Time goes by so fast and I can't believe it's May tomorrow! I have emptied quite a few beauty items and hygiene products during March and April, I have also tried some new products that I have been loving. Today I am so excited to share with you some of these new things I have used and products I have emptied during these past few months.

Months ago I purchased the Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom gift set which includes a trio of shower gel, body lotion and a fragrance mist in travel sizes. This gift set comes bundled up in a cute flora box and the scent Japanese Cherry Blossom claims to be America's #1 Fragrance Collection.

I am not exactly sure what Japanese Cherry Blossom is suppose to smell like, but I quite like the scents of the shower gel and body lotion; the scent is not too strong nor smells chemically, I like the subtle floral smell and I quite enjoy the softness the body lotion made my skin feels.

LUSH Snowman Shower Jelly is one of the cutest item from the LUSH Christmas Collection, it is designed in a snowman shape (click here to view the image of snowman jelly from my Lush Christmas haul). I am a huge fan of Lush Shower Jellies, I love how they are so wobbly and they make every shower seems so much fun.

The scent of the Snowman Shower Jelly is hard to described, I wasn't a fan at first because it smells sweet and weird at the same time. Lush has described it as a refreshing and sweet scent, which I didn't find refreshing at all. The snowman head and body came apart after a few wash and afterward the heads and the body breaks into little pieces of jellies; I think it is because the snowman is so small so it breaks easily.

These two Guerlain Secret de Purete Cleansing Cream comes from a Guerlain gift set which I have received from when I spent over $200 at the Guerlain counter in Smith and Caughey's. I feel so lucky to be able to try these before I decide on a full size as Guerlain's skincare range is pretty expensive.

This is only a sample and each tube lasted me more than three weeks of everyday use, I only need to use a pea size of product each time to wash off my makeup (even waterproof mascara) and I love that it makes my skin feels very hydrating after each wash and it smells beautiful!

MAC Pro Longwear Foundation is my current HG foundation! It is one of those products that I can apply in a rush knowing that I will not mess up during the process and it would last me through the day. I have oily and combination skin and it made my face looks flawless after each makeup applications, I may have to blot my face once or twice during the day as my T-zone tends to get quite shiny during the day; but I like that even on days that I have no time to touch-up, I would still come home with a flawless face.

I have recently tried a mini sample of MAC Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage and I have enjoyed using it so much I went and purchased the full size; now it is another of my current HG products that I just can't live without! I love that it feels very light-weight, foundation goes on flawlessly and makeup last all day!

I remember wanting this toner so badly ever since I saw it on the Memebox website, it must be the kisses design on the packaging that really attracts me; I finally grabbed the Memebox Office Essential Box (click here to view my unboxing) despite non of the products in the box I was interested in except for this toner.

Label Young Shocking Toner is described as a three-in-one skincare product which can be used alone as a toner or mix with BB cream and foundation. I used this toner at night before bed time along with all my other skincare routine and I find it really hydrates my skin and keep my face soft during the night. This toner has a liquid-y gel-ish texture, it comes in a pretty transparency purple-ish color with loads of tiny beads inside and it smells like grapes.

I don't often fuss over my hair because it is already very healthy, but since I received a Schwarzkopf Moisture Gloss 10 Days Shine Mask to try from my first Beauty Review Beauty Box (click here to view my December beauty box unboxing), this product has become a re-purchase item in my hair care stash.

I tend to emptied this hair mask quite fast, on the box's description it has suggested to use this product as much as I want, so I use it every time I wash my hair. I love that it makes my hair feels silky smooth, I hardly get my hair all tangled these days and my hair smells gorgeous after each wash!

Secret Key Color Recipe The Pink Cream is described as a moisturizer that targets winkle and fine lines on your face, it claims to lift up and tighten dry and saggy skin for a youthful looking complexion. This is one of the product that came in the Memebox Superbox Pinkaholic Box (click here to view my unboxing).

I am currently in my early 20s and I often gets mistaken as a high school kid, there is currently no signs of winkles, fine lines or saggy skin on my face; so I couldn't really see the difference this moisturizer make on my skin.

I have used The Pink Cream during my night time skincare routine before bed, the texture is like gel and it is sticky when applied to the face, it even feels sticky the next morning. I like that it is pink inside out and the texture feels like jelly.

A month or two ago I was gifted The Naked Bee Hand & Body Lotion from my sweet friend Mary (the American friend who often spoils me with beauty goodies), it was my first time trying anything from the brand The Naked Bee and I absolutely love, love it! Since I have emptied this lotion, I had a look online and couldn't see any online stores that has a reasonable price offer and that ships to NZ at the same time. *boo-hoo* ~

I love the strong lavender smell all over my body after each use, this lotion really moisturizes my skin and keep my skin feeling soft.

Bath & Body Works Deep Cleansing Hand Soap in Gingered Peach is one of my favourite hygiene product I have used during the past few months, and I totally regret not buying a few more when I did my BBW order! Don't blame it on me ~ It was my first time using BBW products and I didn't know if it's worth it, but I must say it is very affordable, minus the mail forwarding shipping price.

Gingered Peach smells exactly like peaches, sometimes I would wash my hands just so I could smell the peachy scent ~ lol can't help it, I am a peach fan!

This mini kabuki face brush comes from the ELF Disney Ariel Bronzed Beauty Set, I had maybe ten uses of it until it falls apart (well, nearly, closed to shedding its hair everywhere). I have used it to apply BB cream and while its bristles feels very hard and scratchy, it did delivered a flawless finish.

NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer.

Dry Bar Sake Bomb Nourishing Shampoo & Hydrating Conditioner.

NARS Double Refining Exfoliator.

Yes to Grapefruit Correct & Repair Dairy Facial Scrub.

Diamond Lash falsies.

Not sure what the name or the product is called, I bought this at Rona Makeup in Mid-City Auckland; it is kind of like a Japanese version of the Konjac sponge. I have always loved these as they are a lot more affordable than the Konjac sponge and these works just as good!

SNP Animal Panda Whitening Mask, this is the cutest new facial mask I have recently tried, it smells like lemonade and the sheet mask has a panda face on it.

(click here to view my Instagram shot of me wearing the panda mask) ~ A lot of people has asked where I have purchased the SNP animal masks since I put up a picture on my instagram; these are available to purchase from Rona Makeup or Vanessa in the Mid-City Auckland, and I am sure they are available online too.
Have you tried any of the products mentioned in my March and April beauty empties? Be sure to link me your monthly empties post in the comment, so I can check it out too.