Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Burberry Lip Glow Natural Lip Gloss ♥ no.21 Fondant Pink

Burberry Lip Glow Lip Gloss: Fondant Pink
Burberry Lip Glow Lip Gloss: Fondant Pink

Burberry Lip Glow is described as a natural lip gloss with a creamy touch and perfectly adherent texture. It has many benefits featuring a reflects light to create illusion of plumper, fuller lips; leaves lips supple, glowing with natural highlights and subtle iconic tones. 

Burberry claims a few protections Lip Glow does, such as hydrating formula that keeps the lips replenished, fine lines are filled from within, lips are naturally plumped. Simply apply the lip gloss as normal to get that fresh, moisturized look and a hint of color. 

Burberry Lip Glow Lip Gloss: Fondant Pink

I did have a few regrets when I first tried the Burberry Lip Glow, firstly I dislike how it has a heavy fragrance scent and how it taste bitter while wearing the gloss, then I was not a fan of how sheer this lip gloss is. 

After months of trying to convince myself Burberry Lip Glow is an amazing lip gloss, I can finally say I am convinced! I am in Love! Nowadays instead of wearing it alone, I enjoy it more when worn on top of a lipstick with a similar shade as the gloss. ^^ 

Burberry Lip Glow Lip Gloss: Fondant Pink

There are 25 shades available in the Burberry Lip Glow range, I got the shade no. 21 Fondant Pink, which is a pretty baby pink color. The color can be build up to a glowy pink just as shown from the tube, or it can be worn as a sheer gloss.

Burberry Lip Glow comes in a simple but fancy transparent tube, even the box looks very high quality. The lip gloss has a smooth and creamy texture without it being too sticky, it is very comfortable during wearing time, my lips doesn't feel drys or chapped after the lip gloss worn out and I love that it gives a full / plumped lips! Lip Glow wore well for three hours for me, I don't expect much from a lip gloss as I know a majority of them won't last for a full day.

Burberry Lip Glow no. 21 Fondant Pink has a very strong fragrance and it taste bitter, not that I intentionally eat the lip gloss ~ I can't described the scent, it's not like a sweet fruity scent, nor a flora scent; it smells like perfume in general.  >.< blehh! I have found a solution to avoid the nasty scent, and that is to apply a lip balm that has a stronger scent than Fondant Pink before applying the lip gloss, it must be a scent you enjoy. I have been wearing Fontdant Pink with Hurraw Almond lip balm and the lip balm smell really takes away the awful smell of the Burberry gloss.

Burberry Lip Glow Lip Gloss: Fondant Pink
worn over Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick: Native

beautiful, fancy packaging
 moisturizing and comfortable
not too sticky
100% plumped lips effect
smooth and creamy texture

awful bitter taste
product scent too strong


Have you tried Burberry Beauty?

Monday, November 17, 2014

3 Concept Eyes Lipstick ♡ #302 Peach Coral // Review + Swatches

3 Concept Eyes Lipstick #302 Peach Coral
3 Concept Eyes Lipstick #302 Peach Coral
3 Concept Eyes Lipstick #302 Peach Coral

This lipstick has been sitting in my draft post for way too long, I think it deserves a show off today ^^ ~ This is my first ever 3 Concept Eyes lipstick and by now I have a big lipstick collection from the brand. 3CE lipsticks are not the best I have tried, but it is good quality and it is one of my favourite Korean beauty brands.

For those of you who is not familiar with the brand, 3 Concept Eyes (3CE for short) is a very well-known Korean beauty brand by Stylenanda, an online clothing store. I first came across 3CE products on Ariessa Cheo's instagram photo and I became so obsessed with it, since then I have been collecting all sorts of 3CE products, mainly lipsticks.

Not sure if I should class this as a drugstore brand or a highend brand, to us New Zealanders it would be a drugstore brand as their prices are similar to Maybelline, L'Oreal and Chi Chi Cosmetics etc... & to the Americans it could probably be a mid-highend as their prices are priced a little above MAC. 3 Concept Eyes lipsticks are just under USD $20 each and I think their highest products price would be as expensive as $100 a piece.

3 Concept Eyes Lipstick #302 Peach Coral
3 Concept Eyes Lipstick #302 Peach Coral

3 Concept Eyes Lip Color in shade #302 Peach Coral is described as a baby peach color without pearl particles, it says the color represents innocent and its crystal clear color gives your lips a vibrant touch.

I think there are twenty-five colors available from this range, actually... I am not sure cause I see them add new colors every time I visit their website. 3CE claims their lip color range has high color application, high mositure giving moisturizing application and one touch application gives soft and high color.

3 Concept Eyes Lipstick #302 Peach Coral
3 Concept Eyes Lipstick #302 Peach Coral

3CE lipstick comes housed in a black square tube with 3 Concept Eyes' logo printed in white, the lipstick packaging is very sturdy, when the cap is closed, it doesn't come off easily, so there's no worrying of ruining your lipstick or have it come loose in your handbag.

The box packaging is cute and classy, it has different color lips printed on each side with 3 Concept Eyes hand written on the lips in white. The lipstick bullet is quite durable and the product does not melt nor break easily unlike some drugstore lipsticks.

3 Concept Eyes Lipstick #302 Peach Coral

The texture of 3CE Peach Coral is creamy, but not thick and it glides on the lips smoothly if you have exfoliate your lips and apply lip balms beforehand; if not, then dry flakes will appear on the lips making it looks cracked and it really emphasize chapped areas.

Lipstick application is easy, it is smooth and it goes on evenly, giving a nice opaque coverage. Peach Coral wore well for at least four hours and during the wearing time, it gives that nice glossy look.

Even thou Peach Coral has a creamy texture and it gives that glossy look, the lipstick is not moisturizing at all :( but it is also not drying, not sure how it works... I feel like it is very comfortable to wear and if I have to re-apply the lipstick, instead of a new layer over the old, I would have to swipe off the remaining and re-do the exfoliate and lip balm, or else I can see cracks and flakes on my lips.

My favourite thing about Peach Coral is the color is suitable for everyday wear and it is office friendly. The color is pigmented but it does not stain after removing at the end of the day.

3 Concept Eyes Lipstick #302 Peach Coral

Overall, 3 Concept Eyes Lipstick is amazing ♥ Their packaging does not feel cheap, it is sturdy, durable and they have many shades to choose from in lip color range, color selection from a pretty nude to a dark vampy red, there's a shade for every skin tone.

3 Concept Eyes lipsticks can be purchase from Stylenanda, they ship worldwide ^^ ~ I used to buy from Stylenanda quite often and ever since Ippondo opens a store in my nearest mall, I have been buying from there instead, their prices are a lot cheaper.

Heart Border [Pink/Black] by RevPixy
sturdy, classy & cute, not cheap
smooth, easy, even
very pigmented and opaque coverage
creamy, glossy, does not accept chapped lips
worn well for four hours on me
just under USD $20.00 per lipstick

Have you tried 3CE? What is your favourite product from that brand?

Friday, November 14, 2014

MAC Kelly Osbourne Lipstick ★ Strip Poker Review + Swatches

MAC Kelly Osbourne Lipstick: Strip Poker

When MAC released the Sharon & Kelly Osbourne collection in June, I was only able to grab the Peaches & Cream blush and a Dodgy Girl lipstick; I remember all the good stuff from this collection sold out so fast, especially the Kelly Osbourne lipsticks.

As usual, it doesn't matter if I like the lipstick shades or not, as long as it is a Limited Edition collection, I want it! Too bad I was only able to grab Dodgy Girl and I regret not getting Kelly Yum Yum >.< I thought, since I already have Candy Yum Yum and they are both quite similar, I really don't need a another one... Who would have thought I regret it now! Hahah ~

Later on I decided that I need another Kelly Osbourne lipstick in my life as I adore the packaging and I need a shade that is good for everyday wear, then I spot someone selling the MAC Strip Poker lipstick in the Walk in Wardrobe makeup sales group and of course, I immediately contact the seller and claims on it heheh.

MAC Kelly Osbourne Lipstick: Strip Poker
MAC Kelly Osbourne Lipstick: Strip Poker

MAC Strip Poker is described as a light nude with a Matte finish. It looks like a pinky beige from the lipstick bullet and when I wear it, the color looks more like a concealer than a nude lipstick on me. I guess I just love nude lipsticks so much, I try to convince myself they all suits my skin tone lol.

MAC Osbourne collection's packaging is... first look is weird and awkward, I mean purple and red together is just... I haven't come across anything with a mixture of purple and red, I usually see purple pair with pink ~ & then the more I look into the packaging, the prettier it gets.

MAC Strip Poker comes packaged in a light purple / lilac tube with Kelly Osbourne's autograph printed in red. I like this, it's not too much nor too boring and I love that the packaging matches Kelly's purple hair!

Strip Poker is a Matte finish, unlike Ruby Woo, it is a lot more creamier. I always compare all MAC matte lipsticks to Ruby Woo as I find it the most drying and hard application matte lipstick MAC ever came out with. I am thinking, maybe MAC has improved their formula? Because all the new matte formula lipstick MAC has came out with in 2014 are mostly creamy, no pull or drag during application.

Strip Poker has a great coverage and it is very pigmented. When first apply it is creamy but sets into a matte and since this is a nude NUDE lipstick shade with a matte finish, if you apply it on dry chapped lips, it's like disaster lol, the lipstick really emphasize dry areas and all these little dry flakes looks so obvious.

No pull nor tugs during application, are you surprised with a MAC matte finish lipstick?! Me not as surprised anymore as most of the MAC matte finished lipsticks I have tried this year are all very creamy.

MAC Strip Poker applies smooth and easy.

I wish I can give an approximate hours of lasting time for MAC Strip Poker, but I can't sorry :(

Since it looks so pale, looks almost like a concealer on me; I always top with a gloss when wearing this lipstick, and sometimes mix it with another lip product.

MAC Kelly Osbourne Lipstick: Strip Poker
MAC Kelly Osbourne Lipstick: Strip Poker

pretty purple, simple and not over the top
looks like a concealer one me
smooth, easy, no drags nor pulling
very pigmented
great opaque coverage
creamy and dries matte, emphasize dry, chapped areas
OVERALL: 3.5/5

What are your favourite MAC nude lipsticks?

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

LUSH ♥ Christmas Haul + A Few Extras // Products First Impression


My plan was to get the items that I wanted, but were out of stock last time I visited Lush in town and also I wanted to get a couple of the Snow Fairy shower gel, just in-case it sold out again and I would have to wait another year for it to become available... But you guys know, when it comes to shopping, my plans never go as planned.

I end up getting most of the Christmas stuff and a few extra items. I did this order around mid October and instead of telling you guys I got this, this and that; I wanted to try these items first and write a first impression for each items I have tried. I think this way it is much better for those who are looking for a specific item, you get an idea of this product before your purchase.

Lush Description: Give your skin cause for celebration by smoothing on this intoxicatingly citrusy body lotion with a splash of cognac. Lime oil and Brazilian orange oil lift the spirits, while cocoa butter and almond oil hydrate the skin - it's the perfect lotion to wear for a festive night out. An alcohol-free version is also available (online only).

First Impression: Celebrate is a limited edition item from the Lush Christmas collection, this is my first time trying out a Lush body lotion and before my purchase I thought... WTFFFFF (sorry for swearing :3) $34.90 for a tub of body lotion is ridiculous! I have been using this body lotion for approximately two weeks now, I use it every night after shower and I love how it made my skin so soft and it's got this lovely light orange smell ^^ ~ I really enjoy using Celebrate and I get that handmade body stuffs are always going to be a lot more expensive than machine-made items, but $34.90 for a small pot / tub is just too expensive!

Before I tried the Snow Fairy shower gel, I have always purchased those affordable body wash from the supermarkets, they work as good as Lush, but they don't smell as amazing. After trying out Snow Fairy, I fell completely in love with Lush's shower gels! Since then I wanted to try every single scent there is available from Lush. Hot Toddy, So White, Rose Jam and Snow Fairy are the four limited edition shower gels from the Christmas collection.

♬ HOT TODDY SHOWER GEL 100g // $12.90
Lush Description: With all the spice of a Christmas market, this deep red shimmering shower gel is sure to blow away the bah humbugs. Laced with softening seaweed, fresh ginger, cinnamon leaf oil and cleansing lemon oil, this will warm up even the chilliest of days and bring a sparkle to your shower.

♬ SO WHITE SHOWER GEL 100g // $12.90
Lush Description: A crisp apple shower gel to leave you feeling the fairest of them all. This creamy, shimmering wash is made with cleansing fresh apple and cyder vinegar as well as soothing rose water to leave you feeling fresh and soft. This contains organic rose absolute and bergamot essential oil to help clear the mind and leave you feeling as pure as the driven snow.

♬ ROSE JAM SHOWER GEL 100g // $12.90
Lush Description: Let your skin be kissed by a rose with this sweetly floral shower gel. Wrap yourself in a comforting embrace with nourishing Moroccan argan oil, organic rose absolute and rose oil together with a Fair Trade vanilla pod infusion. This is an indulgent wash that lifts the spirits.

♬ SNOW FAIRY SHOWER GELL 500g // $35.90
Lush Description: Add some Christmas sparkle to your day with this candy-sweet shower gel. Snow Fairy is back again this year, bringing its fairy dust magic into your shower, now with the addition of skin-softening seaweed.

I haven't tried Hot Toddy and So White, they are still sealed in their original packaging, so I don't even know what they smell like ~ I am currently using Rose Jam and it has this strong rose fragrance that smells amazeball! The fragrance stays on your skin for awhile after shower. ^^ I have used Snow Fairy last year and it's my absolutely favourite! I love how it made my whole bathroom smells like cotton candy ♥.

♬ SNOWMAN SHOWER JELLY 100g // $7.90
Lush Description: Wibble and wobble this snowman-shaped shower jelly all over your body. He's made with a refreshing and sweet scent, and we've added buchu, bergamot and Sicilian lemon oils for an extra mood boost. Seaweed and glycerine help this glide over your skin, leaving it soft and clean.

This little guy is SO CUTE! I am currently using the Whoosh shower jelly that I got last time I visited the Lush store in town, so I don't plan on using Snowman until I have finished Whoosh. I am really looking forward to rubbing snowman on my body ;) LOL that came out wrong! I mean, I am really looking forward to using this shower jelly, because it's shape like a snowman, it's cute and wobbly and it smells soooo good!

♬ SANTA'S LIP SCRUB 65g // $11.90
Lush Description: Prime your pout with this moisturing cola-flavoured lip scrub that leaves your lips buffed and ready for Santa Baby – or any other Lush lip tint or balm. Caster sugar, dates and cherries scrub and soften, giving them a taste of Christmas. Dab a little on and buff, licking off the excess.

First Impression: *a bit confused* The label on the jar states 25g, but on the website it states 65g?! Anyway, I was never into lip scrub, until I bought Mint Julips more than a year ago; since then I have been using lip scrub quite frequently and I just love how smooth it made my lips feel, lipstick application always turns out excellent and I know I shouldn't be eating them, but they taste so yum ;) ~ Santa's Lip Scrub taste like a mixture of coca-cola and something else, the lip scrub is red color and it goes on your lips red, but once you have wash off the lip scrub, the color does not stain. I find Santa's Lip Scrub formula a bit too wet, it's not as dry and scrubby as Mint Julips. 

♬ SANTA BABY LIP TINT 8g // $11.90
Lush Description: A Christmassy red lip tint made with cherries and dates for sweet, kissable lips. Made with Fair Trade shea butter and nourishing carrot oil to soften and moisturise, and a cinammon-sweet, cola-flavoured taste of Christmas, Santa will be hurrying down the chimney tonight.

Santa Baby Lip Tint is one of those items that I rarely use and I don't need, when I did my order, I felt like it's a must have to complete my Christmas Lush collection ~ lol... It was one of those "spend all my $$$ days"... I have the Latte lip lint and I love it sooo much! I love to wear it on those days (weekends) that I have to go out but I am not wearing any makeup ^^. 

Lush Description: Everyone needs a Stepping Stone after an arduous day with your foot to the pedal. The green foot has the zesty You’ve Been Mangoed fragrance and punishing pumice to scrub away the rigours of life. Jojoba oil will moisturise dry skin without leaving them greasy and sea salt will treat them to plentiful minerals. Put your feet up and save your soles.

First Impression: I was told by one of the Lush girl in the Queen Street Lush store that Stepping Stone Foot Scrub is a very popular item and it only becomes available in-store once in awhile, last time I went it was sold out, so I had to get it online. When I was looking online for the tutorials of how to use this scrub, I have came across 90% of negative reviews on this product and of course, I panic :o I then tried it myself and it's not bad like everyone says. I have been using it for three or four times now, even got my mom to test it and she said it made her foot felt very smooth. 

I have never tried a foot scrub prior to using Stepping Stone, I wear heels almost everyday and my feet gets very rough and ugly. I see results on my first time using this foot scrub, even thou the formula is very crumbly and it falls everywhere, it made my feet feels very smooth! It doesn't do the "hard scrub" or fully scrub the dead skin away, but it's no longer rough and ugly. I see improvement every time I use it and for only $7.70 a piece (which you can break into several small pieces and use it more than five times), I say it's a very worthy product to try out. I highly recommend Stepping Stone and I will be writing a full product review in the future ^^ ~ Who's looking forward to it?!

♬ FAIR TRADE FOOT LOTION 225g // $29.90
Lush Description: Minty revitalisation for feet with Fairtrade cocoa butter. Pink and perky, one mightily minty cream for your feet, which also helps to ease the abuse they get, trapped in shoes all day. We use both spearmint and peppermint essential oils to relieve aches and cool feet again. Arnica and marigold herbs take away the weariness and get you ready to dip your toes back in your shoes again.

First Impression: Can't believe I spent $29.90 on a tub of foot lotion lol, I could have just use some moisturizer, pretty sure it would still do the same tricks. I bought this foot lotion to use after I use the Stepping Stone foot scrub and I have been using this every night before bed. While I love the pink lotion and the softness it made my feet feels, I can't stand the smell! It smells like a mixture of mint and raw meat >.< and I think I am the only weird one who thinks that... I dislike how greasy it made my hands feel every time after rubbing it on my feet, I also dislike how stick it is every time after I rub it in my feet, I had to walk to the bathroom to wash my hand and as I walk, my feet sticks to the carpet or my sandals... lol Other than the two dislikes mentioned, I actually quite like this foot lotion. May be I am just a very fussy person haha.

Lush Description: Rub Rub Rub is a bit of a variation on the normal shower gel. Sea salt is gently exfoliating, extra cleansing and mineral-rich. After scrubbing, it dissolves in water, leaving your plughole free of blockages. This new blue scrub is startlingly refreshing, with a dash of lemon juice and the tropical scent of mimosa blossom. Just hop in the shower and rub, rub, rub!

First Impression: It looks like blueberry slushie! and it's watery. I bought this shower scrub based on the good reviews on their website and I see why everyone loves it! I love the feeling it gives when I rub the scrub on my body, you can use this under running water as a body wash or you can rub it on dry skin for that tougher scrub. I always use it on dry skin as it gives a really massage.

I was given a little container sample of Ro's Argan Body Condition and a piece of Karma Soap to try ^^ and also I was gifted a Lush book! It's pretty much a Lush dictionary! Not sure if they give this out to everyone or if you have to spend a certain amount, but the book is really awesome ~ ♥ it!

Have you tried / Will you be trying any of the products mentioned in my latest Lush haul?

Wish I have a bath tub at home so I can buy all the cute little Christmas bath bombs!